the hair lamination system

The treatment wraps the hair with a hydrophobic film, extremely resistant and capable of repelling water. The film seals the cuticles, eliminating frizz and making the hair extremely shiny. It also protects the hair from the sun, humidity, and the heat of tools like hairdryers and straighteners, ensuring a long-lasting style. The plant-based amino acids, contained in the formula, penetrate the cuticle layers due to their small size and repair them, increasing the hair’s silkiness and shine.

supreme filmer treatment

it leaves the hair rejuvenated and velvety without weighing them down.
It works internally to repair the structure, while on the outside of the hair, it creates an anti-humidity protective film capable of eliminating frizz and giving the hair a mirror-like shine.

supreme filmer spray

the film has remarkable resistance, and the effects can last up to three washes after application.
The special heat-activated polymers create an ultra-light film that wraps around the hair, sealing the cuticles, giving a mirror-like shine, protecting from humidity, and eliminating frizz.

our products

Our laboratories and constant research into new formulas have allowed us to create a complete brand capable of providing the professional hairdresser with all the tools necessary to satisfy their clients with memorable experiments and results.

The experience gained over the years in different markets guarantees our products the quality that the professional is looking for.

With its range, genUs allows each member of our tribe to cover every need, from the most radical color change to the deepest beauty treatment.
Creare bellezza è la nostra missione.

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