For stressed | treated hair

Professional program with Milk Proteins to give stressed and treated hair softness, silkiness and shine, making it easier to comb. Thanks to Milk and Wheat Proteins, they gently nourish and cleanse the hair, giving body and shine. Hair is soft, healthy and easy to comb.

milk proteins

Thanks to their cationic nature, the have conditioning and moisturizing effect on even the most stressed hair structures, giving a silky-soft finish and natural shine.

nourishing shampoo

Nourishing shampoo for stressed, treated hair. Thanks to the Milk and Wheat Proteins, it gently nourishes and cleanses hair giving body and shine. The hair is soft, healthy and easily combable.

nourishing mask

Nourishing mask for stressed, treated hair. Its rich, creamy formula with Milk Proteins nourishes, protects and tonifies hair giving it softness and combability. It effectively detangles leaving hair soft and vital.

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