for stressed, treated hair

Revitalising lotion based on trace elements. It replenishes the minerals and vitamins that are indispensable for the health and beauty of the hair and gives the hair strength and hold.

Can be used alone as a deep treatment or added to any genUS mask to enhance its regenerating effects

trace elements

Due to their ability to promote fundamental metabolic reactions, they help regulate the hair’s natural growth, improving its strength and structure.

revitalizing lotion

Revitalizing lotion for stressed, treated hair.
Its technologically advanced formula with Trace Elements revitalizes scalp and hair by reintegrating the mineral salts and vitamins essential for the health and beauty of hair. It gives strength to hair and hold the styling.

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With its range, genUs allows each member of our tribe to cover every need, from the most radical color change to the deepest beauty treatment. Creating beauty is our mission.

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